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Our Mexican Auto Insurance Policies

Our Mexican auto insurance policies are underwritten by Qualitas Compañia de Seguros, S.A. de C.V. a company that is a leader and innovator in the Mexican Insurance maket We are proud to work with Qualitas Compañia de Seguros to provide you with the best policies available to protect you, your family, and your property. Giving you the option to design your own coverage according to your needs.

We offer Mexican auto insurance policies over three lengths:
  • Annually
  • 6 Months
  • Daily

With our policies you could be covered in the full territory of Mexico, but if you are only traveling only to the northern Mexican states you could chose a limited territory policy and save yourself the difference. Options for full and limited territory are available to you.

Full Territory

full territory map

Limited Territory

limited territory map

Limited Territory Policies include the following Mexican States: Limited to Baja Norte, Baja Sur, Sonara, Sinaloa, Chihuahua, Durango, Coahuila, Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas, San Luis Potosi, Zacatecas, Nayarit, Aguas Calientes and Jalisco.

We are proud to offer Collision and Other than Collision coverage for all vehicle, even Motorcycles and RV's

Claims are calculated in US dollars, rather than pesos. As for auto repairs, they can be done in Mexico, the US or Canada.

Legal aid is built-in for every policy. Options such as Roadside Assistance are offered as well.

A quote takes only a few seconds, and you are under no obligation to accept it. Get a quote in seconds.

Our Mexican Auto Insurance policies and coverage are easy to understand, but don't worry we are here to help with any questions you may have. Chat with us, email us to to or just call 1-866-754-1444.

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Buy Online Mexican Insurance Services is the easiest way to purchase Mexican insurance policies. Our quoting system is simplified and let you choose the best option for you to start your buying process.

From here it is literally only a three step process. Fill our your info, pay and print. We also are automatically sending an email with a copy of your new policy.

We are only a call or email away should you have any questions or want to speak with our expert agents.

Here are the three steps for buying Mexican Insurance:

1Fill you your information

Once you selected the quote best fits your needs fill out the required information on the insurance form, make sure all information is accurate and current.

Look at the information and make any modifications as needed, prior to policy purchase.

2Pay online

We have the most secure options to pay for your Mexican insurance policy, your payment information is never stored in our servers. help us process all major cards on our website

We take consumer protection and privacy of information a priority when you make a payment online at

3Print Out the Policy

After your payment is complete, it is time to print out your policy as proof that you meet the insurance requirements under Mexican law. You must carry a hardcopy of your policy within your vehicle while in Mexico.

We are also sending you a copy of your new policy to the email provided.

We suggest you print out the Policy Terms and Conditions, and that you are familiar with all details.

Do you require assistance with this process? Give our friendly team a call at 1-866-754-1444 for assistance today.

About Us

At we are not just insurance Agents, we are a group of avid travelers with experience driving to Mexico on our own, combined with our Insurance expertise we are the perfect option when choosing your Mexican insurance provider.

We are also a fully licensed Insurance Agency serving our community since 2005 offering excellent options of coverage, amazing value, and a wide range of choices while traveling to Mexico from the United States or Canada with your own vehicle.

Our knowledgeable team is made of a group of fully licensed agents and trained insurance experts. Unlike many other online providers, we are a real insurance Agency, rather than just a website. Since we also offer insurance for one of the biggest insurance providers in the United states, our Agency is held to a higher standard of customer service and commitment than most, always having your best interests as a priority.

We are available to help you understand how to pair your travel needs with appropriate policies to give you the best coverage possible. Whether you are traveling short-term or for an extended period to Mexico, we are here to help you! You can reach us by chat, email to of call us at 1-866-754-1444